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A regional area code or area code (sometimes incorrectly called area code) is a numeric code that is located on the left side of the telephone numbers of several national and regional numbering plans.
Many national and regional numbering plans are structured according to the divisions of the territory served in geographic areas. Each geographic area identified in the plan receives a digital routing code. This code is placed on the left side of the area’s telephone numbers and is called area dialing code or area code. For example, in the North American Numbering Plan, the telephone number 514-xxx-xxxx contains the area code 514 which indicates that the number is in the geographic region of Montreal in Canada.

US telephone numbers consist of ten digits (eleven with a leading “1” that serves as both the NANP country code and the trunk prefix). The first three digits are an area code representing a geographical part of the country. In many cities, regional codes overlap. The area code is often indicated in parentheses (). The numbers four to seven represent an exchange in the area code. As a general rule, the exchange means a physical location where the phone numbers accessible by the latter are mobile numbers. Mobile numbers and VoIP numbers are mixed with landline numbers. There is no area code specific to mobile or specific to VoIP. Some exchanges within the area code may be designated as mobile or VoIP, however, there is no consistent pattern. America shares the +1 country code with the NANP regions (including Canada, most parts of the Caribbean, and the Pacific territories of the United States). Calls to NANP countries are dialed the same way as a US long distance call, although international rates apply.
An example of a US phone number
The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art registers its telephone number in New York at (1) 212-535-7710.

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